SHEET ISSUE 10: Modern Love  

Graphic Design, Exhibition design

SHEET is a free poster magazine created and distributed quarterly by Urban Outfitters Europe. As part of KK Outlet, I curated sheet issue 10 with the theme of Modern Love.
Alongside the magazine KK Outlet hosted a modern love themed show in the gallery.
Agency: Kesselskramer

Curation and Art Direction:
Tash Randolph

Copywriter:  Anya Driscoll

Contributers: Dave Bell, Dorothy, Sam Quinton, Merel Witteman, Gijs Van Den Berg, Erik Kessels, Sandrine Boulet, Max Siedentopf, Celeste Mountjoy, Oli Gabe & Ash Kirby, Matt Blease, Narcsville, PUT PUT, Angela Lidderdale, Anya Driscol, Mrzyk & Moriceau