Mint Tea – KK Outlet x Vans  

Art Direction, Graphic Design

Comissioned to turn an ordinary object into something extraordinary, Mint Tea is my submission for the Vans Covent Garden x KK Outlet show Everyday Play. 

Kesselskramer were tasked to turn the Vans exhibition space into a recreation of the old ‘KK Outlet’ gallery, and host three shows in three months. 

The first group show, Everyday Play, asked eleven artists to make common objects uncommon. Everyday objects were transformed and repurposed, resulting in a series of artworks that see the ordinary with fresh eyes. 
The second show, Over The Wall, was a show that replaced divisiveness with frienship, at a time we needed it most. We curated 12 pairs of British and European artists to create unique and collaborative artworks. 

The final show, Flop Art, asked artists to submit a piece of art that had flopped. Submissions included a photo enhanced with ketchup, and a melted sculpture of Mo Farah. All proceeds from sales were donated to Shelter.
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